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clojure debugging

Add to project.clj
;;scope capture for debugging
 [vvvvalvalval/scope-capture "0.1.0"]

(require 'sc.api)

(defn abc [x]
  (let [y (* 2 x)
        z (Math/pow x 4)]
    (sc.api/spy {:abc [x y z]})))

(abc 2)
;;prints during execution: SPY [1 -2]  where 1 is id for defsc

(sc.api/defsc 1)

;;show me the state of local vars from let using given id 4
(sc.api/letsc 4 [x y z])
;; recreate the last operation result from let using given id 2
(sc.api/letsc 2 {:abc [x y z]})

;;show me the info map at the spy execution point using id 2
(sc.api/ep-info 2)

see video: https://vimeo.com/237220354

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